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Portable Security is in high demand. Emergency response security & natural disasters remind us of this. Portable security cameras  offers user-friendly camera surveillance, reducing potential threats. Security of your assets is vital.. First  responders are in turn assisted in emergency response security  situations with extra time that could save lives. 

Portable Surveillance offers rugged rapid deployment surveillance systems that withstand the test of time. Even the risk of power loss is met with the renewable energy of our solar power solutions. Reduce potential terroristic threats with quality camera surveillance. Portable Surveillance systems allow security personnel to pan-tilt-zoom the camera to closely monitor activities from a distance. Portable wireless megapixel cameras allow security personnel to monitor & playback super high resolution security video footage that is more than 15x the resolution of a standard CCTV camera.

Portable Camera & Rapid Deployment options:
Cameras options: IP, PTZ, Megapixel, IR, Thermal & client requested configuration
Communications: 3G/4G internet, 802.11 WiFi, COFDM super long range
Camera Mounting: 6′, 9′ & 15′ tripods, RDK mount for vertical, horizontal, pole, roof & vehicle


Rapid deployment surveillance cameras keep you safe & secure while saving time, man power & money. Portable surveillance cameras setup in minutes, providing instant surveillance for law enforcement, emergency response & private business. AVP helps in selecting a portable surveillance solution tailored to your needs with the expertise to make it all work seamlessly. Online support is available for repairs as well. View Products